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About 'My First...'

Director of 'My First...' Bjork Jakobsdottir has, for many years, directed ambitious plays for young audience.

She has brought together young actors and playwrights to create work that mirrors their age group and social environment, allowing them access to the expertise of seasoned theatre professionals. These performances have been extremely successful, bringing many young people into the theatre, often for their own first time's.

One of her most successful productions was 'My First...' originally titled 'Fyrsta Skiptið'. It opened in Iceland in 2018 when Bjork united a group of young playwrights and actors to create a play about the trials and tribulations of puberty for ages 13 and upward. After discovering there was a glaring lack of updated content dealing with this subject, it was decided that the play would deal with all the awkward miscalculations of youth. The first kiss, the first snapchat flirtation, the first date, the first time masturbating, the first time having sex and the first break-up, all moments most of us have experienced. The result was a play that is both hilarious and sincere, one that makes us shake with laughter and at the same time touches us deeply and deals with the most delicate issues that we usually don´t talk about. 


My First has been described as empowering, brave and honest, uncompromising in its exploration of what it means to be a teenager in the modern world. It has also been heralded as an essential watch for the youth of today for the way it empowers its viewers, discussing the unmentionable with levity and wit, helping its audience to feel seen but not targeted.

When it opened in October 2018 in Icelandic 'My First...' was an instant hit. The performance was filmed for television and broadcast around the country and many schools have used it for sex-education purposes since. The Play in this version was  2 hours with intermission, but the English translation is a shorter and more festival friendly version.There are plenty of great scenes that are waiting on the side-lines if somebody wants a 2 hour show!

We, whom create theatre for young adults, know that true and original plays for this demographic on the world theatre stage are rare, and that's the reason we decided to translate 'My First...' to English. The subject is truly universal, and although 'My First...' is written by young authors for a young audience, all age groups can undoubtedly enjoy the play.  We hope that you will laugh as much as we did when those hilarious stories were written, rehearsed and performed.

We know the show is valuable and deserves to be seen, if you're interested in helping us accomplish this why not send us an email! |

Original Production

frysta skyptid.jpg



Óli Gunnar Gunnarsson,


Arnór Björnsson,


Mikael Emil Kaaber.


Berglind Alda Ástþórsdóttir,


Björk Jakobsdóttir,


Inga steinunn Henningsdóttir



Óli gunnar Gunnarson,


Arnór Björnsson,


Mikael Emil Kaaber,


Berglind Alda Ástþórsdóttir,


Diljá Pétursdóttir




Björk Jakobsdóttir

Music by:


Óli gunnar Gunnarsson,


Mikael Emil Kaaber,


Hallur Ingólfsson

Music director:


Hallur Ingólfson


Lighting design:


Freyr vilhjálmsson


Set and Costumes:


Björk Jakobsdóttir




Vignir daði Valtýrsson,


Arnór Björnsson,


Björk Jakobsdóttir






Himnaríki Productions

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