The Cast

Brilliant. Sexy. Humble

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Played by Ásgrímur Gunnarsson


Played by Audi Finn


Played by Charlie Nobel

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Played by Isabel Horner

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Isabel has come a long way from her early teens where she would turn up to school wearing flares and hiking boots and a perpetually greasy fringe. She now understands how to act and dress like a normal human and is very greatful to puberty for teaching her. Puberty likes to return the thanks by revisiting once a month to populate her face with pimples. 


Originally from Ireland, Isabel studied her BA in Musical Theatre at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. Now based in London she is a proffesional actor and Vocal Coach

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Played by James McDowall


Björk Jakobsdóttir


I am an independently working director, playwright, actress, producer, stand-up comedian and an author. Essentially a typical Independent Artist in Iceland, working 7 jobs at the same time! But directing has been my main focus in recent years. I mainly direct new Icelandic plays or my own adaptations of novels so my directing often involves shaping and sculpting a play in its original production with both the authors and the cast. Adapting my original production to the English cast and translation however has been a fantastic opportunity! 

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Ásgrímur’s love life was as lost as his hairstyle growing up. he was a shy teenager, trying to navigate the anxiety filled minefields of his school years. Luckily he has cut his hair since then and found his way out of the minefield and into an acting career! He now lives in London but unfortunately his love life has not come very far since his teenage years, so he is still just waiting.


Ásgrímur is from Iceland and decided to leave the land of fire and ice to pursue an acting career. He graduated from Rose Bruford College with a BA in Acting in 2019. He is now based in London as well as Reykjavik Iceland.

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Audi had a pretty smooth journey through puberty. Her spotless face and non-greasy hair was the envy of all. It is only now that she teaches drama to teenagers that the full wrath of puberty has come for her. 


Audi trained in L.A. and has worked on numerous film and television projects in Iceland and the United States as well as voicing animation films.  She has received the Charles Jehlinger award for acting and won best actress at the Festigious Film Festival. 


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Charlie was what you would describe as a late bloomer. From an acne ridden teenager, obsessed with what people thought of him he, has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, overcoming those obstacles to actor? Way to grow man.

Originally from Essex he sought to go out and see all the world had to offer in... Sidcup, Kent? He studied BA Acting at Rose Bruford, graduating in 2019 and is now a penniless actor in South London.


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James was a sensitive and vulnerable lad growing up, afraid of the dangers of being a teenager and what obstacles that might bring. However, his teens were amongst the most informative years about how to channel that sensitivity and vulnerability, to put that into shaping a career as an actor and not to playing video games and starting grunge bands to try and be cool.


From the south west, he left the countryside behind him and studied BA Acting at Rose Bruford in the beautiful land of Sidcup, Kent and graduating in 2019. Now based wherever the work takes him, he is now a professional actor trying to make sense of it all.

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